Year of the Trail Newsletters

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December 28, 2023: Kick off 2024 With First Day Outdoors!
December 21, 2023: Year of the Trail Approaches The End!
November 2, 2023: We All Belong in the Outdoors
October 27, 2023: Pioneering Paths: Innovation in the Great Trails State
October 19, 2023: It’s Great Trails State Day!
September 29, 2023: Goals Achieved and $54.9 million for trails in NC!
September 8, 2023: Achieve a Trail Goal & Take the Classroom Outside
August 18, 2023: Paths to Wellness & The Healing Power of Trails
July 21, 2023: Summer Ideas for Beating the Heat!
June 30, 2023: Celebrating NC’s Local, State, and National Parks
June 1, 2023: National Trails Day
May 29, 2023: Partner News Update
May 18, 2023: Unleash Your Inner Adventurer: Explore NC’s Trails!
May 16, 2023: Trails For the Future: Development in Randolph County
April 20, 2023: Earth Day in North Carolina
April 5, 2023: Step into Nature’s Playground and Celebrate NC’s Trails!
March 14, 2023: How to go Hiking – The Easy Way
February 23, 2023: Equity, Art, and Trails
January 31, 2023: Make a Date with a Trail in North Carolina
December 27, 2022: Kick off Year of the Trail with First Day Outdoors!
December 6, 2022: Year of the Trail Launches in 2023