Donate to Year of the Trail

Why donate to The Great Trails State Coalition and Year of the Trail?

  • Campaign Support: Your donation will provide vital support for this first-of-its-kind and innovative campaign, which is the largest celebration of outdoor recreation in NC history and the first statewide celebration of trails of this kind in the whole country. Individual donations will help the campaign deliver important content about trails and promote public engagement in trails through events and communication.
  • Trail Education: Your donation will be used to provide information for trail users of all types about how to find a trail, the health benefits of trails, trail safety, accessibility, NC Outdoors Leave No Trace principles, and responsible use of trails. This includes digital content development, videos, blogs, and much more!
  • Trail Access: The Year of the Trail campaign is working to advance diversity and inclusion on trails, helping people of all abilities, backgrounds, and ages feel welcome on trails. Your support will help engage all people on all types of muscle powered trails.
  • Trail Advocacy: The North Carolina Great Trails State Coalition is working toward sustained state investment in all types of non-motorized trails through education and advocacy. NC Year of the Trail is highlighting and celebrating trails to showcase the health, economic, transportation, and environmental benefits trails provide communities of all sizes across the state. Year of the Trail events are opportunities to invite elected leaders to trails, appreciate the impact of trails in their community, and understand the vital importance of trails in improving quality of life for residents and attract visitors and businesses, with the goal to get more funding for more trails.

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